Construction of a geothermal system in the new building of the Region of Central Macedonia.
Year : 2012
Heating capacity850 Kw


Construction of geothermal system in EPAL Grevena.
Year: 2017
Heating capacity: 160 Kw


Construction of a geothermal system in the Kilkis PE building.
Year : 2019
Heating capacity230 Kw


Construction of a geothermal system in the building of the DTE PE of Serres.
Year : 2018
Heating capacity: 75 Kw


Welcome to our site.

A website aspiring to develop and disseminate the use of geothermal energy, as well as basic information, contains news and news related to geothermal developments around the world.

Geothermal energy has the only comparative advantage over other RES (solar, wind) as it is always available whether it is day or night, whether it is winter or summer, whether wind or not. For this it is the only RES that can stand as a base energy source.

It's time to wake up the “sleeping giant” of geothermal energy and contributes greatly to environmental protection Passion for geothermal energy!

Geothermal energy: Mother Earth generously gives her warmth

Geothermal energy is a Renewable Energy (RES) as it exploits the endless energy contained in geological formations, is the most modern and efficient heating / cooling system in the world at the moment, guarantees consistent high efficiency, impressive efficiency and impressive savings. It is imperative that we switch from using conventional heating systems to new systems that offer savings and reduce the environmental footprint.

In line with new EU energy policy directives, the aim is to fossil fuels and to integrate Renewable Energy Systems to heat and cool buildings. National legislation and the National Energy Plan also require the phasing out of conventional building heating systems and their replacement with modern and efficient Renewable Energy Systems.

Passion for geothermia!

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